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They teach you that on Earth there are certain zones with wild forests in which are living wild things: animals, birds, underwater creatures, insects, and so on. Wild is also known as something or someone that can not be tamed, that do not obey, unpredictable – you can not read the next move.

A guy I use to date told me that we all humans, in fact, are animals. I was very intrigued back then and the idea lingerd in my mind.

ARE WE ANIMALS?  I don’t feel an animal. I feel a humang beeing with feelings and compassion, reasoning.

After almost 8 years from that moment I tend to agree with him.

We , most of  the people (I am using „we” though I do not feel belonging in this category –  out of pure compassion for mankind), are animals driven by animal instincts where the brain is on automatic unknown activity. We see, we want, we do whatever necessary in order to achieve that something. It doesn’t matter how others feel. It’s a fight – the survival of the fittest.

I do not fit in the jungle. I lose battles every day. I let them be lost. I do not want to win in spite of other person suffering. That is why I am no good in sales. I can not sale, I can not make the target. I am asking the supposed buyer if is interested in product X, if he or she says no, I can not go further. I can not push because I do not like to be pushed.

Tbis type of behaviour I see mostly in men. They seem to have the empathic features inhibited and to be driven by a certain gene of „fight and win with all costs”. Sometimes in life this helps in surviving but we live in a society that is  leaving no one out, so is no longer a matter of surviving. We have no other enemies but ourselves.

An animal do not stop just because you asked to. An animal can’t be reasoned with. An animal wants and an animal gets. Do you recognize these features? Do you see that in the environment surrounding you?

I have lived and I can assure you that in the situation a man is making advances and you say you’re not interested and he seem to ignore all the signs: regection, avoiding him and all the package the smartest thing is not diplomacy, is running, like in the jungle.

Here, among people, the jungle is more dangerous. If you see a lion out in the wild you think „ok, I must find a place to hide , this animal is no friend of mine” , that is accurate information processed by your brain.

But with people you don’t know, you simply don’t know because humans – the most cunning of all creatures – learned the art of pretending, the art of diversion. Tbey seem to be friendly but they give you the final kick, or tbey seem the most grumpy just to become friends later.

Humans study sientifically humans for some years and they dig and dig in human psychic, they think they have found someting but the human is already changed, adapted.

We will never get rid of the human’s jungle, we can only get out.