posted in 19th of June, 2010

Offensive words addressed to others express the way you are thinking about others, and thought is a form of energy which you are transmitting and it is received by others.

Maybe it has often happened that we could not get close to a certain person without knowing why. We simply do not find that person charming or likeable no matter how much we try. I know people towards I had some kind of reticence and I trained myself to ignore it thinking “maybe is only in my head”. I told myself that their attitude is reflecting, as a mirror does, my slightly introverted and reticent nature towards the unknown. I’ve discovered that this is not a set routine; it is not something generally available. My reticence is was due to the energy that people are transmitting subconsciously.

My life experience has proven to me that the first impression that a person leaves it is, most of the time, the true one or the real one. I might be contradicted by some of you and you might say “you see in a person what you want to see”, but I came and say: the surrounding reality it is not only what you can see but it is most of what you can not see but feel and maybe much of what you can not see and you can not feel either.

I’ve been most of my life an introverted person. In my core I am still an introverted person although I am showing an open and joyful attitude. It took me some time to learn how to trust people and not to control every situation. I’ve proposed myself to welcome each relationship with an open heart not only a half of it. It also happened that life gave me valuable lessons. People that I’ve considered closed to me used that “approach” to kick me under the belt. My mistake was that I haven’t positioned my belt in my advantage.

I, personally, know two ways of dealing this kind of situations:  you either allow other person to attack you and fight back (or not), you allow yourself to be “wounded” and allow the words to hurt you… or you can consider that those words or facts aren’t an assault on your person but are only the result of an interior frustration expressed in a moment of “too much” for the other person.

Maybe we all born with a certain potential but we are created in such way that we have to discover it during our lives. I know I am not born a guru or something and even now I am not close of being one but I consider important in life to learn from your experiences and you can juggle with all those information you’ve learned along the way in such way you can be always in a balance state more than in extreme situations. I’ve been taught that life is about knowing the limits – the extremes – in order to calculate the middle – the balance point.

 I, myself, had the judging people period and learned “the hard way” that words hurt the most. It is very easy to throw poisonous arrows, arrows soaked in the venom of a poisoned soul. It is very easy to throw them, to hurt someone without thinking what damage you are causing, without thinking that the wound remains and people aren’t made of stone. It is exactly like in the story with the father who was telling his son that for each bad words or deed to drive a nail into the wooden door and after finishing that to pull out one nail for a good deed. What remained after that was a wooden door full of holes: no matter how nice you are to people your bad words and deeds will leave marks forever. 

Words are a powerful weapon given to mankind. It is a form of creative energy. First you express the intention than the thought. Your thoughts gain more energy when they are expressed. It’s like when you are dreaming and see yourself, for example, a person of success. At first that image is only in your mind, it is like an egg from which a new form of life is preparing to be born. Then you tell others about your dream and that image “I am a person of success” is projected in other people’s minds. Now your dream is feed with more energy and there are at least two imagining you are a person of success. And so on.

Now imagine how it is when all this energy is channeled in a negative thought – gossip for example. Gossip is the fastest way to transmit a lot of negative energy. Sometimes we don’t get to know one person and we are adopting someone else’s negative opinion about him or her.

I wonder why it is easier to adopt negative opinions than the positive ones.  I wonder why it is easier to demolish and destroy than to create. Well, I have observed that any form of destruction it is a good opportunity for creation, but are all seeing in an ending the opportunity of a new beginning?

In conclusion I believe that we should use words as a gift to communicate and to create beauty.

Word, like any other mankind discovery, can be used for good things as well as for destruction. It depends on each one of us what we choose to do because, with no doubt, what you are seeding is what you are going to harvest sooner or later.

Remember: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” (Mother Theresa)



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